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A Father who guides

A Father who guides

Jesus Christ becomes the prime example and a subject of relevance for any topic which relates human nature and its emotions. In Jesus, the human and the divine nature came together to form a powerful exhibition of love from the Creator to his creation. God-Man relationship strengthened in the very nature of Christ is the greatest union till date. In Christ, every relationship is getting addressed. Jesus relates His relationship to the church of Christ as that of the bride and the bridegroom. He relates Himself as a friend. He calls the one who does His will as His mother, brother and sister. But above all, the relationship that He repeatedly puts forth throughout the earthly life is His relationship with His Father. Even in this special day of celebrating Father’s Day, it’s good to learn from Him the very essence of this beautiful relationship.

When I was a kid, my dad used to take me for walking to the nearby shops. There is a gutter nearby my house and every time we pass by, he used to lift me tightly and strongly with the use of one hand and takes me to the other side. But when I used to come with my mother, I have to jump across to reach the other side. I used to miss the free lift from my Dad. By saying this I’m not reducing the role of a mother. She too is special in her own ways. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus was talking about the Will of the Father because He knows the One above who alone has the power to act through Him as he had surrendered everything to Him. For me whenever I cross the gutter, I wait for my Dad to act, as he got the power to act as I surrendered to him by waiting.

The Father-Son relationship between the Heavenly Father and Jesus is marked by the patience of the son Jesus Christ to receive from the Father at the right time and in the right way. Guidance from the Father is what Jesus anticipates all through his life on this earth. Fathers are meant to guide, to show the way through our difficult times. Jesus himself went to receive guidance from the father during tough times. I recall how I used to get irritated and sulk when my Father guides me. It’s very tough and He doesn’t easily bow to emotions like a mother. He wants us to lead us in the right direction even if it is not very easy for us.

As he was praying at Gethsemane, Jesus knew that the Journey ahead was tough but leaving it to the father’s choice became his lifestyle. I do not endorse here a complete submission of our Dad’s choice here. All the Decisions a Father takes may not be perfect. But it’s always good to submit when they are right. God gave us Dads as a guide to each and every one of us. Let us make the best use of their wisdom as they guide us. But more than that, we have a Heavenly Father who guides us even when a proper guidance is not around us. The whole life of Jesus on this earth was under the complete guidance of His Heavenly Father who brought blessings to many. Your life too will be under His guidance when you completely surrender it to His hands. A Father is someone special who protects, encourages, lifts and guides us. In this special day, let us make the best use of their wisdom and wish them a very Happy Father’s Day!!!

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